We at bluetek offer a range of products and services, we also offer website development and hosting at
really afordable prices, so if it's a website you're looking for your business give us a call and
we will do our best to leave a lasting impression.


Our Web Designs are creative and designed according to your specification. Our sites run smoothly
and navigation is easy enough for anyone to use. We develop websites in asp.net & HTML/PHP.
We offer very reasonable design and hosting charges tailor made to your needs and requirements.
Below are the prices for a basic website design and hosting plan:
- Website design:
1 page - R800 Design
2 page - R1200 Design
3 page - R1600 Desing
4 page - R1800 Design
5 page - R2000 Design
Thereafter R300 for additional pages

- Hosting Plan:
Website Hosting - R300 per month
Domain license - R250 per annum
Email accounts - Custom IMAP email accounts included.

These prices are for a basic website design and hosting plan. All websites can be changed at anytime.
Email accounts will be setup upon request. Our services include Google Engine registration so your website
can be found easily. Give us a call and we will provide you the best service we can